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About Us

C°MANTICS Record Label is an entertainment company specializing in music and video production, and talent booking . The company provides the entertainment industry and promoters with a multitude of services including: online marketing, PR campaigns, talent acquisition and negotiations and broad-spectrum consultations and promotion. C°MANTICS prides itself on working closely with each artist to empower and promote each individuals career and artistic expression with the highest integrity in the industry.








Our logo is a play-on the word "Semantics", which means the study of the relationship between words and their meaning. This is indicative of the power of music and art through the stories and symbols shared by artists.  The degree symbol, represents the diminished chords in music.  Mantics means having divining or prophetic powers, which some would say, music has the ability to touch or unite people beyond language.  The globe is a symbolic circle that is the ultimate expression of unity, completeness and integrity and is reflected here as our planet. The sacred geometry is the sacred patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture, nature and art and here is unifying the planet and inhabitants.

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